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Charging and battery life

  • Remove the band strap from the correct side which has the two metal connecting points.
  • Insert the charging end into the USB port. You can use any standard USB port such as a phone charger or laptop port.
  • The display will start a charging battery animation. When charged to 100% the animation stops and shows a full battery.
  • The heart rate monitor consumes battery life. If you start a manual heart rate check, it will continue until manually stopped or the battery runs out. Additionally, you can adjust the automatic monitoring interval in Settings. The default is 60 minutes and adjusting down will increase battery consumption requiring it to be charged more often.

Remote Camera Control

  • Start from the app under Settings / Device Settings / Camera Control
  • It will start the phone camera and also put the band in camera mode.
  • Shake your wrist to snap pictures. This will work while in Bluetooth range of about 30 feet.

Blood Pressure, HRV and Stress (GPS Model)

  • Note that the blood pressure sensor is not intended for medical use, but can be used as a personal health monitor. The convenient photo-sensor technology is improving but currently, the only FDA approved test devices use inflatable pressure cuffs.
  • You will need to remain still during the blood pressure test which takes about 1-2 minutes to complete.
  • The Heart Rate Variability, HRV, is a very helpful indicator of your heart health and higher numbers are better. Start with seeing your baseline and then you can follow your progress toward improved health.
  • Stress is a combined metric of heart rate, blood pressure and HRV. This will change throughout the day but will provide a good metric to track over time.

Pairing Your Phone

  • Make sure the band is charged and your phone Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  • Pair only through the FOMO Fit app and not through the phone Bluetooth settings.
  • If may help to restart your phone and then see if the band appears and connects.


  • Wrist On feature enabled will have the band display turn on when you rotate your wrist up toward your face. This is very convenient for checking the time at a glace, but keep in mind that having the display turned on often can reduce battery life.
  • Data Sharing allows you to connect to Apple Health and Google Fit. When connected, your step count and workouts including active minutes will be synced to those services. The GPS model also allows a connection to Strava so any workouts will be synced to your Strava account.